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Frequently asked questions

1. I've purchased EaseClin Basic and I've entered my patients data. How do I install it on my iPad?.

In the desktop version of EaseClin you can go to the " Administration panel" ( only after you've signed in with an Administrator account ) There you will find a button " Export to iOS " that saves a file on the hard disk . Later you can send this file by email to your iOS device (iPad , iPad mini , iPhone) or copy it via iTunes on your device. you can send the file to all your devices if you wish .

2. I bought EaseClin Basic. Can I enter new data or change patient's record on my mobile device?.

Although technically possible, has not been introduced in EaseClin Basic the ability to modify the data in the database that will force a manual sync back to the computer at the clinic, which could affect the consistency of the data available . With EaseClin Advanced, you can update data from any device while all of them are within the same local network .

3. Have EaseClin Advanced. At the clinic I can access all patient data, contacts and image bank on my iPad, but when I leave the clinic I cannot access the database. Why is that?.

When a mobile device is connected to EaseClin Advanced, it is in the local network from the clinic so you do not store any of the available data, but download it in real-time from master computer. When out of range from local network, connection is lost so the data are no longer available. However it is still possible to manually sync via iTunes or email in which case the data is loaded on your mobile device will be there even leaving the local network.

4. Why cannot have access to my database from home or anywhere else other than the clinic?.

Although it is technically possible to synchronize data remotely from any location that has internet access, patient medical records contain sensitive information that must be preserved carefully. As shown, the data security in Internet raises serious doubts forcing to take costly additional measures such as firewalls and data encryption that EaseClin has not at this time. Anyway, is under development a version of EaseClin that will cover those needs, but still dont have a date of deployment.

5. I have seen that EaseClin can store radiological images of patients. I can also import Intraoral photographs or any other kind of image?.

Each patient has their own image bank. There is no limitation on the type of images that can be stored, intraoral, facial, study models, etc. In fact, the only limit is the storage capacity available in the computer that is running EaseClin .


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