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The solution for the small clinic. Allows installation on a computer (Mac or PC) and deferred synchronization with iOS devices.

Up to 5 doctors may appear simultaneously in the database with their own agendas and no limit on the number of assistants.

Of course the limit of patients and treatments is limited only by the storage capacity of the computer on which you install the database but are considered to be around tens of thousands on a modern computer.

In addition, doctors can carry with them all the data from patients and treatments by synchronizing through iTunes with iOS devices.


Advanced: EaseClin + FileMaker Pro

It is the solution for medium size clinic with several cabinets that require access to patient data simultaneously.

Up to 5 devices in any combination of Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone, updating information on all of them in real time.

It does not require a server. Any Mac or PC can act as a server. ( iOS devices can act only as clients).

Requires installation of FileMaker Pro license on the computer that will act as server on the network.

Includes all the features of Basic EaseClin but no limit on the number of doctors assigned to the clinic and also allows synchronization with iOS devices for work outside the clinic.

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