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Medical appointments

With the weekly view you can immediately see scheduled appointments, as well as the hours and dates available. The agenda will clearly mark the current day, the patient's name, the reason for the appointment and the scheduled state.

In the administration panel you can select weekend availability. You can also set office hours and fractions of time between appointments.

EaseClin Dental Appointments


Patient medical record

From the patient record you can see all patient data, check photos or radiological images or send them by email.

But not only that, the same record will indicate the treatments up to date and those pending to be done. In this way and one only screen lets you know the situation of the patient, the date of the last visit and much more.

EaseClin Medical Record



On the treatment tab you can find sorted by date all treatments proposed or made ​​to each patient, you can select billable treatments or print a budget.

EaseClin offers a list of preprogrammed dental treatments thatfor simplicity, oryou can add more if not listed.

EaseClin Dental Treatment


Database Administration

From the administration panel you can configure all the clinical data that will appear in invoices and documents, set times and intervals of appointments as well as doctors and assistants for organizing the agenda.

You can also select the design of your documents and even import your own logo for a more professional touch.

EaseClin Dental Mac PC iOS

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